We are excited to publish our latest report “Achieving Net Zero in the Telecoms Industry: Tackling Supply Chain Emissions“.

This report shows the telecoms industry is at the forefront of corporate climate action. Of the 26 companies that make up the Joint Alliance for CSR, more than 90 percent have committed to net-zero or science-based commitments.

We recognise, however, that most of the carbon footprint of telecoms companies lies beyond their direct operations. That’s why JAC members are committed to tackling Scope 3 emissions – and 85 percent of JAC members now have Scope 3 reduction targets in place.

Our transition to a cleaner, greener industry won’t be easy. But with the right mindset and – most importantly – the right actions, it is achievable.

In addition to a summary of global activity by individual JAC members, the report also provides best practice steps for suppliers who wish to support the Scope 3 ambitions of key telecoms customers.

Read the report here.