The Telecom sector is taking collaborative action to develop transparency in alignment with the ICT emissions to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement. The JAC (Joint Audit Cooperation) sector initiative must take decisive action to meet the challenges, promote best practices within its supply chain, and accelerate a rapid transformation towards sustainable development.

Against this background, the 1st JAC climate change supplier webinar was successfully held on the 24th June 2020. In partnership with GSMA and CDP, this webinar provided a brief dialogue on “GHG Accounting Basics”. Approximately 78 JAC suppliers around the world participated in and watched the webinar through virtual conference room and live streaming. The meeting saw extensive and profound discussions that centered on the importance of the industry climate commitment and the GHG protocol. In addition, plentiful online interactions made the meeting even more participatory and inspirational.

Following an opening speech of JAC introduction, Ms. Hannah Doughty, the Account Manager from CDP gave an introduction on the definitions of different emissions categories (scope 1, 2 and 3) and provided a step-by-step guidance on GHG accounting. At the end of the webinar, all the participants had the opportunity to practice on a real example to calculate GHG emissions.

This webinar was considered timely, inclusive, interactive and constructive, offered an in-depth look at how ICT companies can improve their environmental strategy, emissions calculation, reduction targets, to achieve the goal of meaningful transformation in their climate change journey. The webinar also inspired practical solutions and actions in support of better changes towards sustainable development. Furthermore, all the participants look forward very much to the future climate change webinar series.

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