JAC is pleased to announce the first release of the Performance Recognition Certificate at the JAC annual forum (Guangzhou, China, early 2018). The certificate aims to showcase and recognize best-in-class companies on their Corporate Social Responsibility commitment. JAC will recognize its strategic partners annually.

All audited suppliers by JAC from the previous year will be the candidates for the current year’s performance recognition certificate and the ceremony will take place next year on the annual JAC forum.

Selection Criteria

The Performance Recognition Certificate is based on supplier’s performance and collaboration during the JAC audit process, corrective action implementation, post corrective action score and JAC audit corrective action platform usage.

  • The audit upfront communication process should be less than 2 months, such as audit notification, site assessment questionnaire completion, audit site selection, NDA, audit scheduling etc.
  • All corrective actions from JAC audits should be closed before 30 September of the current year
  • All corrective actions need to be managed on the JAC audit corrective action platform (except for year 2016)


About JAC

JAC is an association of telecom operators aiming to verify, assess and develop the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) implementation across the manufacturing centres of important multinational suppliers of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry.

JAC members share resources and best practices to develop long term Corporate Social Responsibility implementation in the different layers or tiers of the ICT Supply Chain globally.